AFI - Табулатуры (табы) песен

Список табулатур (табов) песен исполнителя "AFI" :

A Single Second
Bleed Black
But Home is Nowhere
Catch hot one
Cereal Wars
Dancing Through Sunday
Days of the Phoenix
Death Of Seasons
Ever And A Day
Girls Not Grey
God Called In Sick Today
Head Like A Hole
I Wanna Get A Mohawk
Midnight Sun (Black Sails In The Sunset Secret Song)
Miseria Cantare
Morning Star
No Poetic Device
Now The World
Open Your Eyes
Silver And Cold
Strength Through Wounding
The Boy Who Destroyed The World
The Days of the Phoenix
The Great Dissapointment
The Leaving Song
The Lost Souls
Third Season
This Celluloid Dream
This Secret Ninja
This Time Imperfect
Today's Lesson
Total Immortal
Your Name Here
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