The Rasmus - Liquid - аккорды и текст песни

   С                      Em           G    Am
i go liquid when you come around, and i know

   C                      Em         G   Am
i go solid but don't get me wrong, yes i go

  C                               Em     G        Am
i love to watch you when you mess around, in my mind

   C                     Em       G    Am    E
i'm pathetic but only this time, who knows? 

C        Em
it's no more a secret
G            Am
i go solid i go liquid
C                                Em
oh me, if it's the love that we live
oh how come i didn't know
Am                 E     
show me an easy way out
show me an easy way out... 

forget the love'n get back on the line, with your self
try to accept the place where you belong, you belong
i like to teach you though you already know, but this time
8stay in touch if you're planning to go, below 

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