The Rasmus - Bullet - аккорды и текст песни

  Am               E
I think I should go
                     G    Em
and leave you alone
Am      E   
stop this game
G                             Em      Am
and hang up the phone...and more
E                                         G
I should go into the night alone
and get inside of the cyclone
Am           E                             G   
it's like I wanted to break my bones
you can't turn me...
Am                   E                     G Em
and if I stay...I'm number two... anyway!
Am                                Em
like a bullet you can hurt me
C              G
take me, break me
Am                      Em
like fire you can burn me
you can't turn me
        G                          F
like a bullet you can hurt me 
2-й куплет/
you say there is so many things
going on in your life now
it's so very hard to find time for me
and you say... 
do you believe in the destiny?
this is the way it was meant to be
I gotta leave to make you see
you don't earn me...
and if I stay... I'm number two...anyway! 

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