The Doors - Love Street - аккорды и текст песни

Intro: Am  G  Gm  F

Am       G
She lives on Love Street,
Gm         F
lingers long on Love Street.
Am     G
She has a house and garden,
Gm         F
I would like to see what happens.

Am           F
She has robes and she has monkeys,
Gm       F
lazy diamond studded flunkies.
Gm    Am      Bb        Fmaj
She has wisdom and knows what to do,
Gm   Fmaj   Bb    A7
she has me and she has you.

(spoken words with chords)

I see you live on Love Street,
there?s a store where the creatures meet.
I wonder what they do in there,
summer sunday and a year.
I guess I like it fine so far.

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