The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping - аккорды и текст песни

  H7+                        G#m[4]
When I wake up early in the morning,
 F#      H    F#         B
Lift my head, I'm still yawning.
When I'm in the middle of a dream,
Stay in bed, float up stream.

  F#                   H
Please don't wake me, no, don't shake me,
 Bm               G#m[4]
Leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping.

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy,
I don't mind, I think they're crazy.
Running everywhere at such a speed
Till they find there's no need.

Please don't spoil my day, I'm miles away,
And after all I'm only sleeping.

 A7+                                      G#m[4]
Keeping an eye on the world, going by my window,   
Taking my time, lying there and staring at the ceiling,
Waiting for a sleepy feeling.  

H7+    |x24342|
G#m[4] |466444|
A7+    |x02120|

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