Машина Времени - Until The Candle Burns - аккорды и текст песни

     Am                  G             C    E7
Sometimes my life seems needless and abusive
Dm                 G             C   Hm Em7
I felt like I was parted from myself
Am                    G                 C    E7
No state of joy, no rhymes and no more music
Dm               G                C
Yet I was in no mood for seeking help

   Gm               A           Dm   Dm/c
   I was about to yield to any rival
        B                E7             Am  H C A
   To shut the door and quit without return
       Dm                G            C    A7
   But I believed there could be a revival
               Dm             G              C
   Until there is a light, until the candle burns

No one on Earth could help me and incite me
No one could make me sing and ease my pain
But once the tune was rambling deep inside me
It'll be so hard to try and silence me again

   And I couldn't give the words another meaning
   My blood is cold and the wind is stern
   I will again begin from the beginning
   Until there is a light, until the candle burns

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