Кузьмин Владимир - Follow The Light, - аккорды и текст песни

Something in you wrong with mine
D#         B
Making shadows in your eyes
G#                        D#
Baby, let me take you throught that way
Browse of mine really high
D#        B
But you gone here if they cry
G#                      D#
Look at somethings coming on your way

   B                    Cm
  Follow the light, it will be there for you
   B                G#
  Shining so bright in the blue foreign from above
   B                     Cm
  Dreams of the night they all are coming too
  B                                 D#
  You've got to give me best to get the best of my life
          G# B
  Best of my life

Something in you pretty ladies
Whispering to me tenderly
Makes me think you worrying to much
It's allright you've my sweet child
Let me see your shining smile
Let me feel your hot and crazy touch

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