Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save tonight - аккорды и текст песни

accords: Am   F   C   G

Go on and close the curtains 
'cause all we need is candlelight 
You and me and the bottle of wine 
and hold you tonight 
Well  we know I'm going away 
And how I wish  I wish it weren't so 
so take this wine and drink with me 
let's delay our misery... 
Save tonight 
fight the break of dawn 
Come tomorrow 
Tomorrow I'll be gone 
There's a log on the fire 
and it burns like me for you 
Tomorrow comes with one desire.. 
to take me away 
It ain't easy to say goodbye 
darling please don't start to cry 
'cause girl you know I've got to go 
and Lord I wish it wasn't so 
Tomorrow comes to take me away 
I wish that I, that I could stay 
but girl you know I've got to go, oh 
and Lord I wish it wasn't so 

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