Deep Purple - Soldier Of Fortune - аккорды и текст песни

Вступление: Gm Dm C Gm

       Gm                        F
I have often told you stories about the way
I lived the life of a drifter 
waiting for the day
When I take your hand and sing your song then maybe you would say
Come lay with me love me and I would surely stay

 Bb(A#)      C              Gm      
      Now I see I´m going older
 Eb         F                 Bb(A#)     
   And the songs that I have sung
     D           Gm 
   echo in the distance
             F           Bb(A#)          Eb
   Like the sound of a windmill going ´round
      Cm             Dm              Gm   
   I guess I always be a soldier of fortune

Проигрыш: Gm C Gm C Gm Bb(A#) C Gm

Many times I´ve been a traveller                  
I looked for something new 
In days of old when nights were cold
I wondered without you    
And day I thought my eyes 
had seen you standing near       
Thou blindness is confusing
It shows that you´re not here

Now I feel I´m going older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill going round
I guess I´ll always be
A soldier of fortune
Gm                 F
I can hear the sound
       Bb(A#)         Eb
of a windmill going round
    Cm              Dm
I guess I´ll always be
a soldier of fortune.
    Eb              F
I guess I´ll always be
a soldier of fortune.

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