Deep Purple - Anyones Daughter - аккорды и текст песни

 Well, I stood under your bedroom window
 Throwing up a brick
 No one came I threw one more
 That really did the trick
 Your daddy came and banged my head
 He said what kind of man
 Is this that`s hanging `round my girl
 And threw me in the car
 You`re a farmer`s daughter
 You`re a farmer`s daughter
 Why do I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t oughta get
 C                   G/B
 I won`t get no more eggs and water
 Am                Em
 Now I`ve laid the farmer`s daughter
     (piano break in G, same chords as above)
 Imagine I was a full-grown man
 And I could talk just right
 Could I come and see you here
 And do this every night
 Wham!  The door comes crashing down
 Your daddy`s face all pale
 Says come with me you hairy bum
 I`ll put you in my jail
 You`re a judge`s daughter
 You`re a judge`s daughter
 Why do I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t oughta get
 C               G/B
 Now I`m getting jail and torture
 Am                 Em
 `Cause I made the judge`s daughter
 (Spoken: Yes I did. It was nice.)
 (guitar break)
 C                          G/B
 It seems they`re screaming law and order
 Am             Em
 When I go with anyone`s daughter
 Woman I should like some peace
 And daddy hold your tongue
 I think you`re gonna die of fright
 When I tell you what I`ve done
 I can hear your tales and lies
 You say I`m dumb and scraggy
 But man this dumb and scraggy is
 Your daughter`s baby`s daddy
 She`s a lucky daughter
 Such a lucky daughter
 Why did I always get
 The kinda girl I didn`t wanna get
 C                   G/B
 Now I`ve got what I always fought for
 Am                    Em
 `Cause I`ve married a rich man`s daughter
 (Spoken: Waddaya think of that?)

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