Clash - Rock The Casbah - аккорды и текст песни

Intro: Dm7 Am7  G7
       Em7 F+7 Em7  Am7/C
 Am7                    Em7
Now, the king told the boogie men, 
            G               Dm7
you have to let that raga drop 
    Am7                   Em7
The oil down the desert way 
         G              Dm7
has been shaken to the top 
    Am7                    Em7
The sheik he drove his cadillac 
          G                  Dm7
he went a cruisin' down the ville 
    Am7                  Em7
The Muezzin was a standing 
On the radiator grille 
   Dm7            Am7 G
Shareef don't like it 
 Em7     Fmaj7     Em7    Am/C
Rock the Casbah    Rock the Casbah 
   Dm7             Am7 G
Shareef don't like it 
 Em7      Fmaj7    Em7     Am/C
Rock the Casbah    Rock the Casbah 
 Am7                Em7
By order of the prophet 
    G           Dm7
We ban that boogie sound 
 Am7                Em7
Degenerate the faithful 
           G         Dm7
With that crazy Casbah sound 
 Am7                                  Em7
But the Bedouin, they brought out the electric camel drum 
    G                           Dm7
The local guitar picker got his guitar picking thumb 
    Am7                    Em7
As soon as the Shareef had cleared the square 
They began to wail 
Now over at the temple 
Oh, they really pack'em in 
The in crowd say it's cool 
To dig this chanting thing 
But as the wind changed direction  
and the temple band took five 
The crowd got a whiff 
Of that crazy casbah jive 
The king called up his jet fighters 
He said, you better earn your pay 
Drop your bombs between the minarets 
Down the casbah way 
As soon as the Shareef was chauffered out of there 
The jet pilote tuned to the cockpit radio blare 
As soon as the Shareef was outta their hair 
The jet pilots wailed 
Chorus 2x 
He thinks it’s not kosher 
Fundamentally he can’t take it 
You know he really hates it

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