Cash Johnny - I Still Miss Someone - аккорды и текст песни

 G                C            D7  
At my door the leaves are falling  
     C           D7          G  
The cold wild wind will come 
                  C      D7  
Sweethearts walk by together 
     C         D7         G  
And I still miss someone 
          C      D7  
I go out on a party 
     C            D7       G  
And look for a little fun 
              C          D7  
But I find a darkened corner 
         C         D7         G  
Because I still miss someone 
   C           D7           G  
I never got over those blues eyes 
   C          D7      G  
I see them everywhere 
   C            D7          G  
I miss those arms that held me 
      C         D7         G  
When all the love was there 
          C          D7  
I wonder if she's sorry 
     C              D7      G  
For leaving what we'd begun 
                 C        D7  
There's someone for me somewhere 
     C         D7       G  
And I still miss someone

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