Bowie David - Can You Hear Me - аккорды и текст песни

Intro: C C7sus4 C
F Bb C F
Once we were lovers, can they understand?
Bb Am Gm C
Closer than others I was your, I was your man
F Bb C F
Don't talk of heartaches, ohh, I remember them all
Bb Am Gm
When I'm checking you out one day, to see if I'm
Faking it all

Bb F
Can you hear me?
Bb F
Can you feel me inside?
G Ab Gm
Show your love, love
Bb F
Take it in right (take it in right)
C C7
Take it in right (take it in right)

F Bb C F
There's been many others (Oo-oo-oo-oohh) so many times
Bb Am Gm C
Sixty new cities, an' what do I, what do I find
F Bb C F
I want love so badly, I want you most of all
Bb Am
You know, it's harder to take it from anyone
Gm C
It's harder to fall

Can you hear me call ya?


F C C7

Take it in right, yeah (take it in right)
Take it in right to your love life, baby

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