Bowie David - Bewlay Brothers -

[inr] D D Em A7 x2
And s the sr gs they wr the ls
D Em A
They said the things  make it seem imrl
D D Em A
The whale f a lie like they  it was
And the Gdmn f mrrw
Had their feet in the wllw
And their heads f Brawn, were nicer srn
And w they ug their siins with saccharin and trust.
Em A D D
The wrld was asleep  ur latent fuss.
Sighing the swirl rug the streets
Like the crust f the sun
The Bewlay rrs
in ur Wings that Bark
Flashing teeth f Brass
Standing tall in the dark
Oh, We were Gn-----
Hanging u with ur Dwarf Men
We were s turned n
By ur lack f nlusins
D D Em A7

I was Sne and he was Wax
S he uld scream and still relax, unbelievable
And we frightened the small children away
And ur talk was ld and dust wuld flw
Thru ur veins and L! it was midnight
Back ' the kitchen dr
Like the grim face n the Cathedral flr
And the slid  we wr
nn be fund day
It was stalking time fr the ns
The Bewlay rrs
With ur backs n the arch
In the Devil-may-be-here
But He can't sing v that
Oh, We were Gn
Real l Traders
We were s Turned On
u ug we were Fakers

D D Em A7

Nw the dress is hung, the ticket pawned
the Facr Max that rvd the fact
is melted dwn,
And wvn n the edging f my illw
Nw my rr lays un the Rs
He uld be dead. He uld be n,
He uld be u.
He's Camelian, mdin rinin and Caricature
"Sing-up Pie-in-the-Sky"
The Bewlay rrs
In the feeble and the Bad
The Bewlay rrs
In the Blessed and ld
In the Crutch-hungry dark
Was where we flayed ur Mark
Oh, We were Gn
Kings f livin
We were s Turned On
In the Mind-Warp vilin

Bm A
Lay me Place and bake me Pie
G Em
I'm starving fr me Gravy
Bm A
Leave my ss, and dr unld
G Em
I might just slip away
Just fr the Day, Hey! [Repeat last 2 lines in fade]
Please m Away, Hey!

"Bewlay Brothers" ?


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