Bob Dylan - Rambling gambling Willie - аккорды и текст песни

      C               C                  F            C
 Come round you rovin gamblers there’s a story I will tell
  C                 C           F                   C
 About the greatest gambler you all should know him well
     C                 C               F               C
 His name was Willie О’Connelly and he gambled all his life
          F                    C           F
 He’s had 27 children yet he’s never had a wife
          C F C F           C F C F
 And it’s ride Willie ride, roll Willie roll,
       F                         C F C F      C F  hold C
 Where ever you’re a gamblin’ now nobody knows
 Well he gambled in the white house and in the railroad yards
 Where ever there was people there was Willie and his cards
 He had the reputation as the gamblinest man around
 Wives would keep their husbands home when Willie came town
 Sailin down the Mississippi to a town called New Оrlеаns
 They’re still talkin about that card game on that Jackson Queen
 “I’ve come to win some money,” gamblin Willie says
 When the game finally ended up, the whole darn boat was his
 Up in the Rocky Mountains in a town called Cripple Creek
 There was an old poker game lasted about a week
 900 miners had laid their money down
 When Willie finally left the room he owned the whole darn town.
 (verse with harp)
 Well Willie had a heart of gold and this I know is true
 He supported all his children and all their mothers too
 He wore no wings and fancy things that other gamblers wore
 He spread his money far and wide to help the sick and poor
 When you played your cards with Willie you never really knew
 Whether he was bluffin or whether he was true
 He won a fortune from a man who folded in his chair
 The man he left a diamond flush Willie didn’t even have a pair
 It was late one evening during a poker game
 A man lost all his money said Willie was to blame
 He shot poor Willie through the head which was a tragic fate
 Willie’s cards fell on the floor they were aces backed with eights
 So all you ramblin gamblers where ever you might be
 The moral of the story is very plain to see
 Make your money while you can before you have to stop
 Cause when you pull that dead man’s hand your gamblin days are up.

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