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 		E E5 E E5
 	    E       C#m        G#m                       A      B      E     E5
 	    Crimson flames run through my years, flowing high & mighty trapped
 	    E         C#m      G#m                 A           B
 	    Countless fire and flaming rope, using ideas as my map
 	    C#m                      G#m          A               B
 	    We'll meet our own edges soon said I, proud me beaded brow
 		           E             A     E
 	    CHORUS: Ah but I was so much older then
 		        A       B         E   E5 E E5
 		    I'm younger than that now.
 	    E         C#m       G#m              A        B      E     E5
 	    Half ripe prejudice leapt forth, rip down all hate I scream
 	    E         C#m     G#m                    A               B
 	    Lies that life is black and white, spoke from my skull I dreamed
 	    C#m                G#m             A               B
 	    Romantic flanks of musketeers, foundation deep somehow
 	    E             C#m      G#m                A       B        E   E5
 	    In a soldiers stance I aim my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach
 	    E              C#m       G#m          A              B
 	    During night I become my enemy in the instant that I preach
 	    C#m             G#m              A                    B
 	    Sisters fled by confusion boats, mutiny from stern to bow
 	    E               C#m       G#m                 A     B    E    E5
 	    The guard stood hard when abstract prints too nobel to neglect
 	    E           C#m  G#m             A               B
 	    Deceived me into thinking, I had something to protect
 	    C#m              G#m                   A                    B
 	    Good and bad I define these terms, why clear, no doubt, somehow.

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