Blur - The Universal - аккорды и текст песни

A                   C#m7
This is the next century

A                C#7
The universal is free

E               B
You can find it anywhere

E        B
Yes, the future has been sold

A              C#m7
Every night we are gone

       A       C#m7
And to kareokee songs

   E            B
We like to sing along

   E            B
Although the words are wrong

    A(sus 4)                    D
It really, really, really could happen

When the days seem to fall straight through you

  D (Bass C)  Bm  E
Just let them go

A               C#m7
No one here is alone

A               C#7
Satellites in every home

E               B
The universal is here

E        B
Here for everyone

A                    C#m7
Every paper that you read

        E              B
Says tomorrow is your lucky day

   E              B
Well, here's your lucky day

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