Blur - It Could Be You - аккорды и текст песни

C    Bb Am    G         D     E7
Churchill got his lucky number

But tomorrow there's another

             G        G+
Could be me could be you

   C     Bb  Am
No silver spoon

G                 D           E7
Sticky teeth they rot too soon

                       Am     D
You've got to have the best tunes

                G         G+
Or that's it you've blown it

F   E  A             D
All we want is to be happy

F   E  A                D
In our homes like happy families

F   E  C            Bb
Be the man on the beach with

      Am         G
The world at his feet

        D       E7
Yes, it could be you

C     Bb Am
The likely lads

      G         D       E7
Are picking up the uglies

Yesterday they were just puppies

  D    G                 G+
Beery slurs now life's a blur

   C     Bb   Am
Telly addicts

G           D             E7
You should see them at it

              Am   D
Getting in a panic

Will we be there

Trafalgar Square?

         C    Bb  Am
So don't worry

G                      D      E7
If it's not your lucky number

                          Am    D
Because tomorrow there is another

          G            G+
Could be you, could be me

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