Adams Bryan - This Time - аккорды и текст песни

D	          A	        
I think about her all the time
F#m7      E	      
She's my fantasy 
An image burnin' in my mind	      
Callin' out to me 

D	            A/C#		     
While my imagination's runnin' wild
Hm	 	      E	       
Yeah  -  things are getting clearer 

A     D    G	           E          
This time everything is all right     
No way she's gonna get away 
This time everything is easy 
Any day - I'm gonna make her mine 

I've thought of every word I'd say 
Give or take a few 
But she turns and slowly walks away 
What am I supposed to do 

Hey - turn up your radio 
Oh - there's somethin' I want you to know 

	 F#m			   E
Well it's hard to take cause she's miles away 
         F#m	           E
And I've waited a long time 
          F#m		            E		   
But the feelin's right and darlin' one of these nights
Hm  		         E	       
Yeah I'm gonna let you know 


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