Adams Bryan - This Side Of Paradise - аккорды и текст песни

A	          E		 A/C#	     D9/A 
i'm ridin' in the back seat - nine years old 
starin' out the window countin' the highway poles 
and then i get to thinkin' - that it don't seem real 
i'm flyin' through the universe in a '69 oldsmobile 

     A	       E			 A/C#  D9/A
and i wanna know what they're not tellin' 
and i don't wanna hear no lies 
i just want something to believe in 
E A/C# D9/A   D9/A	       E		
ah	  it's a lonely lonely road i'm on 
D9/A	     E	
this side of paradise 

i'm ridin' in the back seat - black limousine 
starin' out the window at a funeral scene 
and then i get to thinkin' - and it don't seem right 
i'm sittin' here safe and sound and someone i love is gone tonight 


D9/A			    A			    
there ain't no crystal ball - there ain't no santa claus 
there ain't no fairy tales - there ain't no streets of gold
there ain't no chosen few - ya it's just me and you 
D9/A			 E			         A
and that's all we got ya...that's all we got to hold on to 

i remember bein' a little boy in the backseat - nine years old 
always askin' questions - never did what I was told 
and then i get to thinkin' like i always do /
we wander 'round in the darkness but every now and then 
a little light shines through 


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