Adams Bryan - So Far So Good - аккорды и текст песни

Вступление:A/E E H C#m
We’re headin’ out to where the sun goes down
Watch these wheels go round
Ain’t lookin’ back, we’ve done the best we could	       
We’ve come a long long way, so far so good

There ain’t a river, that can’t be rowed
Ain’t no cowboy, that can’t be thrown
Been some lessons, yeah we had our share
Not sure where we’re goin’, but we’re gonna get there

D	              G	 
So far (so far) – so good
D		         A		        
We’re gonna make it, knock on wood
So far (so far) – so good
We got the engine, under the hood
So far (so far) – so good (so good)
We’re gonna get there, at least we should
E5      	          |
Yeah – so far so good

Wild, wild horses, couldn’t hold us back
Nothin’ could stop us, yeah we’re on the right track
When the cold wind blows, and its winter time
We’re headin’ south baby, soak up the sunshine


Кода:G D Em H

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