Adams Bryan - Remembrance Day - аккорды и текст песни

        F#            H		      F#	 H    F# H F# H 
For our king and our country and the promise of glory 
We came from Kingston and Brighton to fight on the front line 
Just lads from the farms and boys from the cities 
Not meant to be soldiers we lay in the trenches 

D#m			              E			
We'd face the fighting with a smile-or so we said 
D#m			    C#		       |
If only we had known what danger lay ahead 

The sky turned to grey as we went into battle 
On the fields of Europe young men were fallin' 

I'll be back for you someday-it won't be long 
If I can just hold on 'til this bloody war is over 

       F#         H    F# H F#	             H  F# H 
The guns will be silent     on Remembrance Day
There'll be no more fighting on Remembrance Day 

By October of '18 Cambrai had fallen 
Soon the war would be over and we'd be returnin' 

Don't forget me while I'm gone far away 
Well it won't be long 'till I'm back there in your arms again 


E	       H/D#5		   
One day soon - I don't know when 
Hm/D			  	 F#/C#			         D#m 
You know we'll all be free and the bells of peace will ring again 
The time will come for you and me 
We'll be goin' home when this bloody war is ended 

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