Adams Bryan - Hey Elvis - аккорды и текст песни

D Riff		      D Riff	        
Hey Elvis won't cha come back home
D Riff		              A Riff	          
I left a message on your code-a-phone 
D Riff		           G		
I tried to reach ya but I can't get through 
Hey Elvis where the hell are you? 

Somebody saw you at the shopping mall
Somebody said they heard that Southern draw
Hey Elvis is it really true 
We're all waitin' for a sign from you

G			         D		    
Everybody knows about your pink Cadilac
A				     D		
Everybody's wonderin' when you're comin' back
G			 D	         
Everbody's waitin' just to hear ya sing 

D Riff	  A Riff                 D Riff D Riff 
Hey Elvis,  You're still the king
Hey Elvis won't cha come back soon
Nobody's rockin' in the jungle room 
Come December don't know what we'll do
Be a blue Christmas without you 


D	      G D		G 
Love Me Tender   Don't Be Cruel 
Return To Sender - Stuck On You 
It's Now Or Never - Suspicious Minds 
D		   	            A    
Hey Elvis aren't ya lonesome to - night 

Hey Elvis can't ya see 
They need you back in Memphis, Tennessee
They're makin' records but there's nothin' new 
Nobody ever done it quite like you

D Riff	   | A Riff  |         
Hey Elvis,      Oh! 

Everybody knows about your Lisa Marie
Everybody knows about TCB 
Everbody's waitin' just to hear ya sing 
Hey Elvis,You're still the king
Come back to Memphis Elvis - you're still the King

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