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Вступление:A D A D G C G C G

               A		        D
It was behind the school on a summer night
         A			D
That I got kissed for the very first time
   G			   C
I knew right then I'd never be the same
   G		             C		
I remember her kiss but not her name
When your head starts spinning and you don't know why
And you find yourself wanting to laugh and cry
Take a look back at the times you've had
Just remember you can never go back

A	 D  A	    D 
Bin there, I done that
G	 C G	       C      G
Bin there,I done that(Oh-yeah)

Well my best friend he was a real James Dean,
Kind of a loner if you know what I mean
Gonna die young, that's what he say
I'd rather burn out than fade away
He cracked his car and blew his mind
took that ride for the very last time
cos where you are ain't always where it's at
I've been down that road I don't wanna go back


Det var bagved skolen en sommernat 
Da jeg blev kysset for allerførste gang	
Jeg vidste der jeg ville aldrig være den samme 
Jeg husker hendes kys men ikke hendes navn 

Tianamen Square and HIV, people everywhere just wanna be free
You had your burning wall, you had your desert storm
you got the little things that turn you on
it's a freaked out, pumped out kinda time
it's a free free ride on an uphill climb
Well I dont know if we're on the right track
But we can't stand still and we can never go back

Припев 2р

Well it's the little things in life that turn you on
Before you know it, it'll all be gone
If you felt confused before your heard this rap
Well just remember, you can never go back!

Bin there,I done that
Bin there, I done that 
Bin there, I done that
Done that, I’ve bin there 
Uh sikke et kys

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